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(*) = only on French version
Pictures: The frensh version has the phony obi ;-) It's printed on the 12-page booklet.

On that day, he was granted permission by his parents to attend a cycling competition in Paris. Warned not to stay past 21:00, he heeded their request and decided to come back, leaving the competition early. Enamored by the cinema –something he could understand– Pierre wandered off and attended the only film showing that day:  Les Visiteurs du Soir by Marcel Carnes. Released in Vichy France during the war, the movie itself was a unique piece of art. Shot in the style of “Poetic Realisme” it mixed less-mannered (some would say fatalistic) ideas of class with much more complex lyrical dialogue, all of it driving at some uncertain certain thing in life. What fascinated and ultimately changed Pierre were these three phrases written by Jacques Prevert and sung in that movie:

Pierre Barouh - Le PollenPierre Barouh - Le PollenPierre Barouh - Le PollenPierre Barouh - Le Pollen