Enter Steve Wiebe, a humble science teacher and family man from Redmond, Washington. After being laid off from Boeing, Weibe was forced to reevaluate his career and passed the time playing Donkey Kong in his garage. He got to be quite good at it, and became obsessed with conquering its mesmerizing rhythms and patterns. He even started videotaping his games, and during one such session, captured a record-breaking score in which he beat Mitchell's two-decade old record by more than 100,000 points. After sending in the tape (which happens to feature in the background his young son yelling for him to come "wipe my butt!") to Twin Galaxies, the official record-keeping organization for classic arcade games, Wiebe was rewarded by a visit from two official representatives who entered his garage without permission and dismantled his game machine to see if he'd been cheating.

50 Documentaries to See Before You Die is a 2011 five-episode television series presented by Morgan Spurlock on the Current TV television network featuring what editors regard as the fifty of the most influential and/or important documentary films from the past 25 years.

Spellbound - A Fistful Of SpellsSpellbound - A Fistful Of SpellsSpellbound - A Fistful Of SpellsSpellbound - A Fistful Of Spells