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Limited Edition art prints are carefully produced directly from the original artwork painting and printed under the artist’s supervision. In addition to the 249 in this edition there are 7 Artist Proofs commonly referred to as AP’s and noted . 2/7 When this Edition is sold out, the production file and all proofing files for that print are destroyed to ensure the integrity of the edition.

Of course, the same thing was done, and worse—though also better, because that's what camp means—in the 1978 film debacle Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band , in which Peter Frampton and the Brothers Gibb star as Billy Shears and the Lonely Hearts Club Band. They, along with Billy's true love Strawberry Fields, battle to save their hometown of Heartland, USA (the honorable Mr. Kite, mayor), from the evil developer Mr. Mustard.

Mark Lennon - Dance Or CryMark Lennon - Dance Or CryMark Lennon - Dance Or CryMark Lennon - Dance Or Cry